What do download and upload mean for me?

  • Download is used for anything that is viewed, accessed, or of course downloaded over the internet. Common tasks that use download bandwidth are browsing the internet, streaming media such as movies or songs to your devices, or downloading files to your computer.
  • Upload is used for anything that is shared, stored, or sent out over the internet. Common tasks that use upload bandwidth are sharing photos, videos, or other media, saving files to online storage/backup, and using online video or voice communication services such as Skype.


It is important to note that higher bandwidth cannot make tasks faster if they are not designed to utilize more than a certain amount. For instance, if a video stream utilizes 5 Mbps of downstream bandwidth, or a file is downloaded from a server only capable of 15 Mbps connections, a 50 Mbps connection would not perform either task faster than a 25 Mbps connection. It would, however, still have much more bandwidth available if performing both tasks at once to maintain an enjoyable internet experience.

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